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Napoleonic Days


Ties of Blood: 7

After five years' campaigning in the Peninsula, often forced to retreat after notable victories, Lord Wellington's redcoat army is firmly on the front foot. The stunning victory at Vitoria has seen the French put to flight and the allies confidently advance towards the Pyrenees.

The brilliant summer offensive of 1813 witnessed Wellington frequently outflanking the French armies, finally bringing them to a battle which saw King Joseph lose his artillery, his baggage and his crown.  With his enemies in disarray, there seems little to stop the British commander from leading his triumphant army across the border.

But, as the weather turns, so too does the fortune of war. Threatened with the ignomony of invasion, the French make a remarkable recovery. Bravely defending fortresses and making lightning-fast counter-attacks. Napoleon's generals bite back and, once again, the balance of the war shifts.

Among the sieges, battles ansd skirmishes being fought to decide the destiny of France there are many displays of skill and bravery - there is even time for romance and intrigue. The soldiers in red, green and blue coats have made it all the way to the French border - but when might they see th other side of the hill? 

The Other Side of the Hill - continuing the adventures of Herryck and Blunt.

Published spring 2014

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