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Ties of Blood: 5

Marshal Massena has failed in his attempt to throw the British out of Portugal and has been recalled to Paris, to be replaced by Marshal Marmont. A year of victories for the allies means that Lord Wellington can  think of taking his army across the border into Spain - but first he must capture the fortresses of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz, no easy task.

New Year 1812 sees Wellington preparing to advance, while Napoleon is drawing troops away from Spain, his eyes on an adventure to the east. But the French still outnumber the allied army and they hold the vital fortresses. If the redcoats are to be welcomed along the avenues of Madrid they must first climb the high walls of Rodrigo and Badajoz.

To have any chance of succeeding in his audacious plan of attack, Lord Wellington must call on seasoned fighters such as Tom Herryck and Robert Blunt and their friends to take the fight to the enemy. The game-changing year of 1812 will not be a time for the fainrt-hearted!

The Blast of War - continuing the adventures of Herryck and Blunt 

Published spring 2012

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