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Ties of Blood: 4

The French have pursued Wellington's retreating army almost to the gates of Lisbon - but find themselves blocked by the formidable Lines of Torres Vedras. Eventually hunger and disease force the dispirited French to retreat. The redcoats give chase and, in the south, an allied army sallies out from besieged Cadiz.

But not everyone is able to enjoy these improved fortunes: Royal Engineer Tom Herryck is in disgrace and sent away from the army. Gritty infantryman Robert Blunt is parted from his regiment and ace sharpshooter Ned Truelove is threatened with being removed from his riflemen friends.

Can Lord Wellington afford to be without such useful individuals when his armies face a rapid succession of skirmishes, sieges and full-blooded battles?

"The Hardest Fight", fourth novel in the Ties of Blood series, is packed with fast and furious action and does full justice to the tumultuous events of the year 1811. 

The Hardest Fight – continuing to follow the Peninsular War adventures of Herryck and Blunt.

Published spring 2011

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