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Ties of Blood: 2

It is 1809 and the war in Spain and Portugal is going badly for the allies. Despite Sir John Moore’s gallant victory at Corunna, the British have been thrown out of Spain and taken away in the Royal Navy’s ships. Everywhere the French marshals are winning victories and taking more territory.

But the British decide to have one more try: they send a new army to the Peninsula, under the command of the promising young general, Sir Arthur Wellesley. But can one small redcoat army challenge the might of Napoleon’s veterans?

Lieutenant Tom Herryck, the heroic young engineer who acted so bravely on the retreat to Corunna is kicking his heels back in England. His half-brother Robert Blunt is training Portuguese soldiers. The brothers share a love of honour and duty – and a knack for getting into tricky situations. What part will they play, as Wellington sets off on his mission to root the French out? 

The second story in the Ties of Blood series, the action in “The Colour of Blood” is fast and furious – vividly telling the story of the real events in Portugal and Spain through the adventures of a lively cast of characters, real and imagined.


You want a swashbuckler with an edge – here it is!

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