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Napoleonic Days


Ties of Blood: 10

By 1805, the Emperor Napoleon is coming to the peak of his powers. No land force appears able to stand against him and the French armies are triumphant all across Europe. The Austrians, Prussians and Russians seem powerless to block Bonaparte's ambitions.

But in London King George's government remains committed to thwarting Napoleon's designs. The navy retains control of the seas and British gold buys a series of fragile alliances.

The army does what it can to support the work of the treasury and the navy. The generals want to hit the enemy where and when they can. While Napoleon has much of Europe under his hand, the British are building a world empire and want to expand and protect it.

The tenth tale in the Ties of Blood series the novel looks at the early careers of a number of the characters who later become involved in the Peninsula, America and Waterloo. Here the action takes place in London, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Copenhagen in the years 1805-1807.


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