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Napoleonic Days


11 December 2018


There have been many moving ceremonies and excellent articles written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. The poetry from the period is astonishingly poignant but there is also plenty of fiction dealing with the war. Peter has added a number of recommendations for First World War related novels to the You Might Also Like page.


Peter has given talks in some interesting buildings - courthouse, castle, barn, drill hall, gunpowder mill, ballroom, chapel, guildhall, museum etc - but not so far a stable. He put that right on Wednesday 17 October, when he offered old favourite, "Love & War, Sherry & Tripe" to a packed house at the Devonshire Dome, Buxton.  This building was no humble horse box but an extraordinary octagonal structure built to house 120 animals belonging to the Duke of Devonshire in the 1780s. It later became a hospital and is now a part of the University of Derby's Buxton campus. It remains a stunning building. It was a great night!


Following the great success of the first East Midlands Napoleonic Day in February last year, an expanded event took place over the weekend of 3/4 March with some old friends returning and lots of new features and speakers. We had the worst weather England has seen for a long time, with speakers and spectators snowed in their various corners of the country, but we soldiered on and managed a full schedule! It was a great weekend. HELION BOOKS and THE WATERLOO ASSOCIATION were on board as sponsors, so hopefully the event should continue to grow. The programme for this year's weekend is still on the Napoleonic Days button, bottom left, so you can get an idea of the impressive range of subjects covered.


There is a book of short stories just out. Titled "A Dozen Bakers" the tales fill in one or two gaps in the Ties of Blood canon and give more back story to some favourite characters, as well as highlighting several interesting and lesser known historical episodes. So, if you are intrigued by Sir John Moore's adventures in Sweden, how the British won the Battle of the Nations, Lord Cochrane, Nelson at Cadiz or perhaps Lord Wellington's counterfeiting racket, this is the book for you!


Peter has put an author page on Facebook. click this link Facebook Page

Hope you like it!


Peter gave not one, but two talks at the Stamford Georgian Festival in September. The spendid Arts Centre Ballroom saw a knowldgeable crowd enjoying social history talk, "Love and War, Sherry and Tripe", which was followed by an examination of the historical novel, "Fact and Fiction" at the Endowed School Chapel. 
The friendly Lincolnshire town (a favourite location for period film-makers) is the ideal place to host the four day event as there are so many wonderful Georgian buildings, as well as a mouthwatering choice of independent shops and refreshment stops. Peter is already pencilled in for the next event in two years.
See for full details.


The latest novel is out. "TAKE, BURN OR DESTROY" features our heroes taking part in fact-based adventures in Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Copenghagen, 1805 - 07. This book is Ties of Blood:10, but is a prequel so you could think of it as the new number 1! See button left for more information. Kindle version also out now.


Revised versions of first five novels in the series, "ALONE WITH GLORY", "THE COLOUR OF BLOOD"  "A DIFFERENT KIND OF WAR", "THE HARDEST FIGHT" and "THE BLAST OF WAR" are now available on Kindle - with one or two typos put right and a few minor enhancements. Each of these new editions also include details of the rest of the series. "EVEN TO THE KNIFE" follows in the new year.
Click here for more.


There is a new page (see button, bottom left) where Peter lists novels which inspire him or are written in a similar genre to his own. So, once you've run through the Ties of Blood series here are some new ideas for you! There are over twenty titles now, classics old and new!


There is a lot of interest in the food and drink mentioned in the books, so Bicorn has added a FOOD page (see button left). The dishes mentioned have all been tested in the kitchens at Bicorn Towers. New recipes just added!


Peter's introductory talk about the period, "Love & War, Sherry & Tripe", has been warmly received all over the country (last airing, Stamford Georgian Festival). He has also crafted different talks for specific events or anniversaries.
There is a new talk ("Balls, Belles and Bugles") around the Waterloo story and "Fact or Fiction" focuses on the historical novelist's challenge in telling the tale. A brand new talk, "The Home Front" will have its debut before the discerning audience at the East Midlands Napoleonic Days in March.

To arrange a talk:


Peter had to work fiendishly hard on the Waterloo novel. Like all the other books in the series thus far it appeared spot on time to mark the 200th anniversary of the events it describes. It was a close run thing, as his previous deadline for the "American" novel was just six months before!
The story of "A BATTLE LOST AND WON" opens shortly before the series of dramatic events which climaxed with the fight at Waterloo itself. The book has characters involved in each of the three main armies, as well as civilians back in Brussels and elsewhere.
Says Peter: "There are thousands of books about Waterloo but no two diarists or historians agree about everything that happened there. That's great for a novelist: you get to discover the unfolding story from a lot of different perspectives in "A BATTLE LOST AND WON"!'

E - by gum!

There are currently ten Ties of Blood novels in print. All the titles are now also available on Kindle via Amazon.
Click here for details. 


Recent books "A BATTLE LOST AND WON" and "THE DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT" continue to describe the adventures of the large list of characters which peoples the Ties of Blood series. One or two readers have commented that they sometimes struggle to remember the relationships of members of the two principal families, so Peter has included a note at the beginning of each novel to remind you of their background.


Peter is happy to sign your copy of the book/s. If you order online you can ask for a dedication when you visit the Buy the Book page. First editions of all titles are still available at time of writing.

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