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The first East Midlands Napoleonic Day took place at Long Acre Studios, Bingham, Nottinghamshire in February this year. The building is the former drill-hall of the South Notts Hussars and proved a most suitable venue for the day.

The event, admission free, was staged in four indoor spaces and featured a six-hour programme of talks on a wide range of subjects by published writers. There were also reenactors, wargaming, demonstrations, art, needlework and book sales.

The day was such a rousing success that not only will their be a repeat, once again at the Studios, but the event will be expanded to take in a whole weekend. (3/4 March 2018). The event will run 10am-5pm on Saturday, 10am-4pm on Sunday.

The weekend will benefit from the kind sponsorship of HELION BOOKS and THE WATERLOO ASSOCIATION.

HELION is one of the world's leading publishers of military history and THE WATERLOO ASSOCIATION promotes understanding of the battle and Britain's role in the Napoleonic Wars. Both organisations will have a presence at the event.

The term Napoleonic refers to the period, not just the man, so there is a wide range of subject matter - social history as well as purely military affairs. Costume balls as well as cannon balls!

Speakers  include historians Andrew Bamford, Carole Divall, Gareth Glover, Eamonn O'Keefe, Jacqueline Reiter, Stephen Summerfield, Mark S Thompson; reenactor and expert needlewoman Laura Short, wargamer Steve Wood and historical novelists Robert Brightwell and Peter Youds.

Several of our authors have new books to launch at the event!

On Saturday the NG13 Wargamers will return to fight "Waterloo: The Fight for Papelotte". There was a lot of praise for the high quality of the figures and scenery for last year's Quatre Bras display.

A new addition will be the Hands-on History attraction for young people on Sunday, presented by Michael Kirkby, with a chance to pick up historical items, play games and enjoy dressing up!

The popular bookshop will once again sell works by the speakers, plus titles of general Georgian/Napoleonic interest.

Father and son military artists Michael and Tim O'Brien will be exhibiting their work in the studio.

Tea, cakes, ship's biscuit and light lunches will be available in the beautifully appointed Cafe Corsica.

In the lead-up to the weekend local students will be involved in an art competition on the theme of "200 Years Ago" and the winning works will be on display.

Here is the full programme:


Long Acre Studios, Bingham, 3/4 March, 2018



NG13 Wargamers: Waterloo - the Fight for Papelotte


Michael Kirkby – Hands-on History

Both days

Michael and Tim O’Brien: Art Exhibition


Programme of Speakers

Saturday 3 March, 10am – 5pm


Peter Youds

Small talk



Book Launch

Andrew Bamford

New Helion Titles

How I Rescued the Duke – Evolution of a Royal Myth


Eamonn O’Keeffe

Napoleonic-era British military music


Gareth Glover

The war in the Mediterranean and the birth of modern combined operations









Jacqueline Reiter


‘The most stupid and useless of the Pitts’? Rehabilitating John Pitt, 2nd Earl of Chatham


Steve Wood

A brief history of hobby wargaming and the industry in Nottingham


Stephen Summerfield

Sir John Moore’s Shorncliffe Legacy




Sunday 4 March, 10am – 4pm


Peter Youds

Small Talk


Carole Divall

Jane Austen


Robert Brightwell

Heroes and Villains


Peter Youds

The Home Front









Mark S Thompson


What did the Royal Engineers ever do for us?


Laura Short

Georgian Fashion


Bingham is a friendly market town which sits on the A46/A52 junction and is between the A1 and M1, accessible by bus and train. There is free  parking near the venue.

Postcode for satnav: NG13 8BG

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