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Napoleonic Days


Ties of Blood: 6

As the year 1813 draws towards its end - dramatic events in Russia and the Peninsula having critically altered the dynamic of Napoleon's war - not everything is going well for Lord Wellington's allied army. Successful sieges and dramatic victories on the battlefield suddenly become distant memories as the redcoats are forced to undertake an inglorious retreat.

Once again the British find themselves pushed acoss the Portuguese border and once again they find themselves threatened by the superior numbers at the disposal of the French marshals. 

But Wellington is determined that his army will cross back into Spain - and beyond. Will 1813 be the year the redcoats break free of their shackles and take the fight to the enemy? 

To have any chance of succeeding in his ambition, Lord Wellington must rely on men like the half-brothers Tom Herryck and Robert Blunt and their friends to do the work of confonding the enemy. The French can still call on the greatest army the world has ever seen - but will that be enough?  

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