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Napoleonic Days


Ties of Blood: 1 

It is 1808 and Napoleon commands mainland Europe. The Grande Armée is in the process of conquering Spain and Portugal, a final piece in the Emperor’s jigsaw. The British send help. Despite being confronted by the threat of Napoleon himself, backed by a huge army of veterans, Sir John Moore bravely decides to head into Spain and face the French.

Two of Moore’s officers on this campaign are the half-brothers Tom Herryck and Robert Blunt – the one a Royal Engineer, the other an experienced light infantry officer. Different kinds of men, but fiercely loyal to the army and to one another, these two become caught up in the gripping events that lead to the excitement – and tragedy – of Corunna.

The story is the first in the Ties of Blood series which follows the adventures of a colourful cast of characters, both real and imagined, through the gripping drama of the Peninsular War – featuring sieges and battles, love and death, honour and betrayal – a continuing drama which would take its final curtain some seven years later, on the bloody fields of Waterloo. 

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